House / Property Manager is the housing company’s active trustee, who takes care of a variety of shareholders’ needs, and consults the Board of Directors in their decision making challenges. Our most important duties relate to financial management and administration of the housing company, but also to a variety of tasks and services, some of which are included in the contract and others that are billable. House manager’s success can be measured in housing company’s cost structure, which should remain light in long term.
Below we have listed some of the duties and tasks that may call for residents’, shareholders’ and the housing company’s attention. For other than these we encourage you to contact us, it is our pleasure to help. At the very end you will find list prices of our most common billable services, some of which may become useful every now and then.

Apartment maintenance

The owner is obliged to maintain the apartment in proper condition. The liabilities that fall for the owner – and on the other hand for the housing company – are stated by law (Housing Companies Act). The division of responsibilities are illustrated in a booklet ”Vastuunjakotaulukko”, which has been edited by Kiinteistöliitto and Kiinteistöliitto Uusimaan juristit ja insinöörit, and published by Kiinteistöalan Kustannus Oy. It can be purchased directly from the publisher (in Finnish only).

Please inform the responsible maintenance company of any leaking water hoses and toilet units without a delay. In case of uncertainty regarding the liability of a particular fault please contact our customer service desk.

By proper maintenance of your apartment you will avoid damages, collateral damages, unexpected costs and disputes.

When renovating the apartment

The Housing Companies Act requires that the resident notifies the Board of all renovation projects within the apartment in advance.
This duty is in the mutual interest of the owner and the housing company. The required notification can be filled in a web form, which is found at property manager’s web page as well as your housing company extranet. If necessary, also paper forms can be submitted, however we recommend using web based forms. The notification should be submitted well in advance, as they are subject to two weeks’ processing. Larger projects call for a longer processing period.

Additional information on projects subject to notification requirement can be found here.

You will receive a response or a request for further information in your email inbox within two weeks from submitting the notification.

Additional keys requests

In case you need more code protected keys (Abloy Sento/Protec, iLOQ) please contact our customer service or alternatively fill in the web form. The keys are charged for in advance, before we place their purchase order. When placing the order we will verify that you are eligible to do so, at which we will issue the invoice, too. Please attach the power of attorney, if you are not the owner. We will place the order with the factory when the payment has arrived in our bank account. The order cannot be revoked, if it has proceeded to locksmith and Abloy key factory. Consequently, please pay close attention that you order the correct key, as they will not be refunded.


Standard delivery is 6 – 12 working days.
Express delivery is 2-5 working days. Extra charge will apply.

We will inform re. the arrival of the key and book a pick up date with you. The key will only be handed over to the owner or against power of attorney. A valid proof of identification must be presented.

ABLOY avainjärjestelmät (in Finnish only)

Notification on changes of residence

Please notify the house manager’s office when moving in or out. It is very important for us to know who resides in the apartment as e.g. the house maintenance company only unlocks the doors for those who are formally registered to reside in a particular apartment. Finally, the number of residents per apartment also determines the monthly water fees.

The manager’s certificate and certificate of residence

The manager’s certificate (isännöintitodistus) can be ordered by the owner or by power of attorney authorized person. The standard delivery is 2-3 working days, at which valid charges are applied. The manager’s certificate is an official document stating the ownership of the apartment, and it is required e.g. when selling it, for banking purposes and for the estate inventory.

The house book extract (talonkirjaote) is the formal proof of your residency in a particular housing company and apartment. Standard delivery of house book extract is ca. 2 working days, at which valid charges are applied. In order to ensure that the house book is always up-to-date please submit your change of address notification to house manager’s office, including all members in your household. Remember to update all changes in your household during residency, births of children and the deceased.

Car parking spaces and sauna reservations

Please submit your application for parking and/or sauna at house manager’s office or via housing company extranet. Both parking space and sauna shifts are leased on monthly basis and are valid until further notice. The lease agreement is valid when confirmed by house manager. Housing company extranet displays vacant spaces and shifts. If fully booked first in – first served principle applies in queuing. Please use extranet to apply for the next free parking space or available sauna shift of your preference.

Please remember to terminate your parking space or sauna shift, when moving out or giving up one. The parking space key is property of the housing company and must be returned to house manager’s office at the end of the lease period.

In case you need assistance please call us at 0500 121 222 or send us a note at toimisto@karakallionisannointi.fi.

Housing company extranet

Your housing company is provided with dedicated web pages for information sharing within the residents. The User ID can be obtained at Karakallion Isännöinti customer service desk. The extranet service will be available for residents and for Board members within a month from signing the management contract.

Mover’s guide

Moving is a major project with quite a few details to remember. We have collected a things to do list for your convenience.

Mover’s to do list (pdf)

Price list as of 1.1.2024

VAT 24% is included

Standard delivery time is 2-3 working days plus postal service

House manager’s certificate, excluding attachments 72,00 €

House manager’s certificate for renting purposes 92,00 €
(including energy certificate and maintenance program)

House manager’s certificate, with attachments 110,00 €
(income statement, balance, annual report, budget, energy certificate and maintenance program)

House manager’s certificate, express delivery charge 38,00 €
(within the next working day)

Apartment ground plan 12,00 €

Articles of association (community rules) 20,00 €

House book extract 12,00 €

Energy certificate 27,00 €

Share register 30,00 €

Postage fee, standard domestic letter 3,90 € + postage fee

Scanning of ordered documents and mail/email delivery 7,00 €

Additional charge for billing 7,00 €

Additional loan share calculation 112,00 €
(+ possible bank charges)

Renovation notification via www form 0,00

Renovation notification on print 13,00 €

Payment reminder 5,00 €