Apply for or terminate a parking space with the below form.


  • Fill in the form and study the regulations carefully.
  • Parking spaces are leased for full calendar months only.
  • By submitting the application you agree to the prevailing terms and conditions set by the housing company and commit to the monthly payment schedule.
  • The payment is settled together with your monthly charge, tenants will be issued a separate monthly invoice.
  • At the end of this form you will find general parking related regulations, however please note that your housing company may apply their own rules. Should those exist they are available for you to study at house manager’s office.


General rules and regulations:

1. The agreement is personal and cannot be transferred further to a third party.
2. The agreement is valid until further notice, unless otherwise agreed. Notice period is one (1) calendar month. The agreement shall be terminated when moving out or when the space is no longer needed or in use.
3. The valid parking fee shall be settled beforehand in conjunction with the monthly charge.
4. The parking space is meant to be leased for a car that is in active use and that fits in the allocated space. Garages are not storages, but for parking cars.
5. Car repair, service maintenance or car wash are not allowed in the parking lot or house yard in general.
6. The parking space shall be maintained clean and tidy.
7. The use of block and interior heaters is allowed up to 1200W, unless otherwise instructed by the housing company. For safety reasons the heating cable must be removed from the outlet when not in use.
8. The housing company reserves the right to determine the time slots during which electricity is fed to the network. Possible faults and defects of the outlets and network shall be reported to house manager’s or maintenance company’s office without delay, however they do not justify for price compensations or indemnities.
9. The principle is to offer every apartment one parking space. Excess spaces may be leased to residents on first in – first serve basis according to house rule. Not every housing company, however, is able to allocate parking spaces for each and every apartment.
10. The key to the heating outlet is property of the housing company, and it shall be returned at the end of the lease period. For missing keys the housing company will charge a valid payment plus expenses.
11. The housing company reserves the right to review the rules and regulations during the contract.